Monday, August 16, 2010

Rossi : Move From Yamaha, To Go To Ducati 2011

Satriacell news - Valentino Rossi can not forget the wonderful memories with Yamaha. This was disclosed by Rossi's Yamaha team announced after the relationship with the Italian had completed at the end of this year.

Yamaha's Rossi has defended for seven years. But the Yamaha team has just announced that their working relationship with The Doctor will be completed at the end of this year.

It means that Rossi will defend the other team in the 2011 season with Ducati team. While Ben Spies has a great opportunity to fill positions in order to become his teammate Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo's Yamaha team next year.

While Rossi's Yamaha also spoke out after revealing that their relationship ended at the end of this year. The Italian rider did not could not hide his emotional feelings.

"It's very difficult to describe with words only will my relationship with Yamaha that has been passed in the last seven years," Rossi said as quoted by Auto Sport.

Rossi has seen many changes since he joined Yamaha in 2004, especially in the motor M1 which has brought him world champion won four times. "Now my motor M1, has changed much," he said.

Rossi also do not forget to thank everyone at Yamaha who has built his motorcycle to help him become world champion. But now it's time for him to find new challenges.

"Now has come the time to seek new challenges; my job here at Yamaha finished. Unfortunately, the stories of the most beautiful finish, but they left a lot of fond memories," he said.


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